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One of the joys of learning the ukulele is discovering the wonderful songs of long ago--the beautiful melodies and lyrics that deserve to be remembered and revived. Thankfully, vintage sheet music abounds on the internet, and so I've had a great time tracking down lots of the old songs, transcribing them to chord/lyric sheets--in a good key for my voice--and then learning them on the uke. If you would like to receive my chord/lyric sheet for any of the songs featured here, email me and I will be happy to share them.


Have a listen to Van and Schenk, a popular Vaudeville duo:

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Look for me at musiciansfriend.com

New this month is a series of articles about the ukulele and uke players (including myself) at musiciansfriend.com.  It was an honor to be interviewed, along with many performers well-established in the uke world, including Julia Nunes, Ralph Shaw, and Aldrine Guerrero, among others.

Check out part one here:
Part One: Four Strings of Happiness

And part two is here:
Part Two: Beginning and Bonding with the Ukulele

What is musiciansfriend.com?  It's a great website full of resources for musicians, including instruments, recording equipment, amplifiers, music, accessories and more.  Their blog, "The Hub", is a resource that includes artist interviews, videos, buying guides, product reviews and more. 

Thanks, Bridget McCarthy, for inviting me to be interviewed!